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Earth is My Priestess: What I Learned About Myself in 2017

Mary-El tarot cards, 2018 personal forecast by Charlotte Eléa

Earth is My Priestess: What I Learned About Myself in 2017

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I’m not going to be able to write about all the energies in my 2017 personal forecast (there were 14 total!). Not this week, anyway. So on this final day of Early Bird pricing, I wish to share with you something amazing that I learned about myself this year, and how my forecast was vital to me seeing it.


Mary-El Tarot cards, annual personal forecast by charlotte EléaLike so many of my clients that purchased 2017 forecasts (read reviews here), I checked in with mine regularly throughout the year, each time getting something new from it. Each forecast is so deep and thorough that it really can’t all be taken in and digested at once. That’s why I recommend you use it as a guide and companion.


Three energies that stood out were: the Knight of Pentacles as my yearly focus, the Mother (Queen) of Pentacles as my career focus, and the High Priestess for where the year would take me on my spiritual path.


My True Self


The High Priestess confirmed what I knew to be true about myself; I have always strongly identified with this archetype, guardian of mystery, intuition, and the hidden realms. And yet, there was still an insecure part of me that didn’t believe I was worthy or deserving of taking on the High Priestess’s tresses.


So not true! This year I was going to step up my game and step fully into my true self.


I wondered, on the other hand, how those two earthy archetypes, the Knight and Mother of Pentacles, would play out in such a prominent way. Would I be rolling in the dirt? Rolling in doe? (my ego hoped, ha!)


What I would come to know is that it was precisely through reclaiming a divine connection to the earth that I would fully activate the High Priestess within me.


Getting Grounded


(If you haven’t read the first post and the second post in this series, you may wish to read them now, as all of the stories in these three posts are intricately connected, and all 14 cards/energies weave an intricate web.)


I admit that I may not have fully appreciated the lesson of the Knight of Pentacles before this year: that of standing still, and experiencing only what is present. And then, in the Spring after Lily died I had no other choice. There was only the present moment of what I was experiencing. Everything else fell away. The future was a foggy mist. The past where memory brought me into regret, “if maybe” and doubt.


I remember spending a lot of time meditating on my feet, because when I did, the tears would pour and I would be able to release my pain and feel some relief. I could almost feel my feet releasing my pain, and the earth taking it from me.


As the year crept on and the wounds of grief became easier to manage, the Knight of Pentacles had another lesson for me: “You’re not having enough fun!” Joy is not experienced in the past or future. It is only in the present. And contentment and happiness is really about regularly getting doses of joyful and fun moments.


Unfortunately, I was so focused on my business and spiritual “work” (And making it into work!) that I had forgotten about, well, me. The me that is always here and present. “Stop worrying about what could happen, and focus on what is happening!” the Knight told me.


When am I at peace? When am I most content? When am I most joyful?


These were the questions I asked myself, and with the help of my coach I prioritized my responses, I added them into my routine, and found my balance again. I was learning how to be content with my life just as it was. Because, ironically, being focused on the future, would never take me to where I wanted to go.


Focusing on the future made the present feel lacking, and lack calls in more lack. Contentment calls in more contentment. I was learning to be the energy I wanted so I could call it in.


Coming Back to Mamma


I waited to see how the Mother of Pentacles would speak to me this year through my work, and what I would say back. I welcomed this union—I actually craved it deeply. I am a child of the earth, and with my Moon in Taurus, I regain my inner balance by escaping to nature. In nature is where I experience the sense of oneness that fuels everything I do.


But it wasn’t until over half the year was over that this Queen became a major energy in my career.


At the beginning of the Fall, I participated in a three-day workshop called Sister Success Live with Tiffany Scott and Sora Surya No for female entrepreneurs. During the workshop we did an intuitive exercise to learn about the Mission of our businesses. The mission being our BIG WHY—hat positive impact we want to make to this world before we die.


My mission came through as a vision: Me rolling around in the mud. And I mean like really getting into it, squishing my fingers and toes, writhing like a feral animal.


My first thought was, “Huh?” But I went with it and trusted this vision of being so close to the actual physical earth. In an ecstatic dance with its essence. Its purity, our own purity. Our connection to this essence was our own essence, too.


I have always been close to my own need for the earth element, and at that time I was working through deep shadows of separation from the life-creating face of the earth herself. (See my previous post.) But not until this moment did I begin to feel into how much the earth needed me, too. This was not a one-way relationship.


my2017forecast-HPShe was calling me. She was saying, “I need you to strip away this myth of separation so we can get to work!”


And integrating this, I was able to begin stripping that myth down and away. I wanted to be of service to help us all, collectively, come back to this essence, one person and step at a time. By helping others embrace and trust the core of who they really are.


Grounding my purpose into my love for the earth allowed me to give from a place completely pure in intention. There was no longer a fear of lack, or fear of whether my giving was worthy enough to receive in turn. I had been called, and in giving from this place, I was also receiving. A simultaneous process, and infinite loop of energy shared.


And that is my path as a High Priestess. That is the real purpose of the intuitive work I do. I believe we are all High Priestesses. She is an archetype within all of us that is activated when we need her. I can help you discover your connection to her.


I would also love to help you discover your 2018 path and focuses (including primary, relationship, career, finances and spirituality) and where the year will be taking you on your divine path.


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(Cards featured in the images above are from the Mary-El Tarot.)