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Dreamwork with Tarot

Dreams, Tarot and Carl Jung

Dreamwork with Tarot

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Every day I come across people that are pleasantly surprised that Tarot can be used in Dreamwork. The two for me have always been a happy marriage: Both are excellent tools for strengthening one’s intuition, and both unlock the door to hidden realms of insight, meaning and self-discovery in the unconscious. Since our unconscious can speak to us through dreams and Tarot, we can use one to strengthen our relationship with the other.


The following are two ways you can begin marrying the two for your own self-study and exploration.


Dreamwork with Tarot Tool #1


Whenever I have a perplexing dream, I always draw a few Tarot cards to help me INTERPRET it. And when I interpret dreams for my clients, I use Tarot as part of my method. Tarot is not the ONLY tool for dream interpretation, but it always helps reveal surprising insights and connections.


Last year I published my signature Dream Interpretation Tarot spread on Instagram and Pinterest and I was pleasantly surprised by its popularity. Here it is once again, in case you missed it, re-styled.


Dream Interpretation Spread


Dreamwork with Tarot Tool #2


Tarot can also assist you in RECEIVING meaningful dreams. If you think you never have interesting dreams, if you never remember your dreams, or if you are so stumped by your dreams that you don’t know where to even begin, Tarot may be used to set your intention and create a framework for understanding.


By placing a Tarot card beneath your pillow as you sleep, you invite the wisdom of that card to speak to you through your dreams.


1. Begin by choosing one Tarot card. You may do this one of two ways: If there is a card that has been “stalking” you in readings, or one that you have been regularly working with, you may want to choose that card. Or, you may allow the universe and your unconscious to choose, by shuffling your deck and picking a card at random.


2. Be sure you have a pretty good understanding of the Tarot card you choose. Your dream will help you understand the particular message this card has for you, but if you are stumped by the card, you’ll remain stumped by your dream.


3. Place a journal or notepad by your bed, and at the top of a page, frame your inquiry with your Tarot card into a question. For example, if you chose the Ace of Cups, your inquiry might be, “What do I have to learn about opening myself to love?”


4. Place the Tarot card under your pillow, and meditate on that card’s meaning as you lie down and shut your eyes to sleep. Ask to receive a message from this card through your dreams.


5. When you wake, write down your dream beneath your inquiry. Your dream will be the answer to your question.


If you’d like to learn more about your dreams, my new e-course, Dreamwork for Intuition, will help you unlock the meanings of your dreams on a regular basis, strengthen your intuition, and come into alignment with your soul’s intentions.