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December Forecast: Gently Unfolding the Possibilities

December Forecast: Gently Unfolding the Possibilities

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This month, expect to come back into ease and grace. Swan guides us towards magical new realms of possibility! There is a gentle unfolding in process that is bringing us towards the portal of 2018, as we integrate what we have learned this year and come to a place of completion.


Honor the deep healing of the last three months, and allow your heart to lead you. It speaks more strongly than ever. This is the time to begin imagining wonderful possibilities for the New Year—some of those possibilities will become reality!


Ace of Cups, Two of Pentacles and Six of Swords balance out our energies, and carry us forward on the momentum of the previous months deep, inner work. The uncertainty you may feel during this time of change, which may swing you from confident excitement to fearful doubt, can be managed by keeping yourself centered in the present moment, and by remaining hopeful, open-minded and curious as to how things unfold, step-by-step.


Your dreams and fantasies will coalesce when you allow them to flow forward from your heart’s desires, and will manifest through intention in the New Year!


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