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Daily Tarot with the Cards Face Up

Drawing a Daily Tarot Card Face Up

Daily Tarot with the Cards Face Up

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Usually when we draw Tarot cards we do so with the deck face down, allowing randomness to spark intuition, and the greater forces of the universe to point us in a direction towards inner discovery.


However, what if you were to turn those cards over and use your intuition not just to interpret the cards, but to pick a card, as well?


In this video, I demonstrate a 5-minute daily Tarot exercise that is quite similar to the process of picking out your underwear in the morning (yes, I explain that, too). By laying out the Major Arcana cards of any deck before you, and allowing your intuition to be drawn to one card, you can bring about the inner reflection, emotional mirroring and manifestation of what you most desire to think and feel.


Deck used – The Wild Unknown Tarot