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Change vs Transformation: There’s a Big Difference

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Change vs Transformation: There’s a Big Difference

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Change and Transformation are both words that are thrown around quite a bit in the personal development world. I use them all the time. In fact, I call myself a Personal Transformation Coach, and I say in my bio that I help people facing change.


But, you know how the more a word is used, the less meaning it seems to have? Yeah.


I don’t want change and transformation to be fluff words to you. Because when I use them, I do not toss them around lightly. I’m actually talking about good, deep and valuable stuff.


So I am going to explain exactly what I mean by both these words, what makes them different, and why that difference is so important to understand.


Let’s Begin with Change


Change is surface level or external to you. Changes you choose may be on a significant level, like moving to a new home, leaving a significant relationship, changing your diet, or quitting your job. Changes may also be on a smaller scale, like getting a new hair cut, rearranging the furniture in your home, getting your period, or canceling your plans for the day.


Change may feel as if it is happening to you. Like getting fired from a job, someone breaking up with you, losing a client, computer breaking down. suffering through a natural disaster, or the death of a loved one.


The changes that happen to us, by us and around us are all part of a natural cycle of expansion and contraction. Change is a normal part of life, and we all go through many ups and downs throughout a 12-month cycle. Whether you believe you have caused a change or not, it can be dangerous to attach your self-worth (or lack there of) to the changes that are happening, as it puts you and your ego in a very unstable position.


The cards from the Tarot that teach about change are Wheel of Fortune and The World:


  • The Wheel teaches us how to weather change. We remain centered as our worlds shift and change around us, by trusting in our core self, which never changes, and surrendering to the flow.
  • The World takes this teaching one step further, and teaches us how to complete a cycle. We merge our own cycles with that of the earth’s, and see that the changes we experience are, in fact, much bigger than us.


To recap, change:

  • Is external or surface level
  • Seems to happen by you, to you, or around you
  • Is inevitable
  • Is part of your natural cycles of expansion and contraction
  • Connects you to the cycles and rhythms of the earth


And Now, Transformation


Transformation is a deep, internal process that you initiate and move through on both a conscious and intuitive level when you wish to form a new relationship with yourself and your world. Transformation never happens to you—it takes time, commitment, dedication and personal work. And includes many stages of release and creation:


With transformation, you are releasing the old you: Releasing your identity, beliefs, habits and patterns, emotional coping strategies, old stories, defenses, and outgrown relationships to all the different parts of you.


And you are creating a new you: Creating a new relationship to yourself, a new identity, a deeper and expanded sense of self, new emotional coping strategies, new beliefs, new values, new habits and new purpose.


Transformation includes lots of change! And so, those in the midst of the process of transformation often feel pulled about, this way and that. But all these changes are side effects of the shifts occurring on a deep level.


But also, change often sparks and inspires transformation! When changes happen in our lives, especially change that is big, painful or abrupt, it is often a wake up call to set things differently. We may see the suffering and consequences of our outgrown patterns and relationships reflected back to us by a world that feels chaotic and doesn’t make sense anymore.


The card from the Tarot that teaches us the most about transformation is Death. Death sits at the center of the Major Arcana as a spiritual portal. Death teaches us that, with transformation first comes sacrifice. We must be willing to give up our attachments and life as we know it, to create a new life based upon a higher purpose.


I believe we all transform at least a few times throughout our lifetimes—that is, when we head the wake-up calls that we receive through the changes in our lives. Changes point us towards where our true self and our identity are not in alignment, and what we must sacrifice in order to discover and create the life we desire.


To recap, transformation:

  • Is deep and personal
  • Happens by you through many stages
  • Is purposeful
  • Includes lots of change
  • Includes processes of release and creation
  • Connects you to your true self and purpose


How to Change and Transform with Grace and Ease


Whether facing change or initiating transformation, we all need support. We need to get to know and be reminded of our true, core self, which never changes, even when we transform.


Through change we need support to:

  • Trust ourselves
  • Listen to our intuition
  • Surrender to our natural cycles
  • Get to know our strength and resilience
  • Stay grounded
  • Know we are being guided
  • Learn from our experiences
  • And grow


Through transformation, we need all this support, plus guidance to:

  • Release outgrown beliefs, patterns and relationships
  • Discover the voice of our true selves
  • Heal core wounds and internal divisions
  • Embrace shadows and new parts of ourselves
  • Open ourselves to love
  • Create a new identity and purpose
  • Take courageous action and make new choices
  • And expand who we are


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