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Charlotte Eléa October 2017 Forecast

October 2017 Forecast

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How will you create the world you want to live in? That is the question we are being asked to answer this month, as issues around pleasure, plenitude and security take paramount, and as we are asked to take initiative to communicate our truth, experience, and passion.   We are creating form out of what was recently formless — all that raw...

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Weekly Truth Transmission by Dream Intuition

Truth Transmission: A Beautiful Finale of Inner Awakening

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For this week of Sept 4-10, 2017: The Empress, the World and Moth bring us into a beautiful finale of inner awakening. Sit tight, because things are going to begin revolving. I love the interplay between these three wildly different yet powerful, feminine energies this week! All the internal discord is about to transform into harmony.   Can you feel the slow...

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September 2017 Tarot Forecast

September 2017 Forecast

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This month, with the eclipse tailing us like a shadow, we want to tend to the emotions that are getting stirred beneath the surface, while trusting that we are exactly where we need to be in our external lives. However you have dealt with these same kinds of emotions in the past, it is time to find a new way...

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Truth Transmission Aug 7 2017

Weekly Transmission: We Are in This Together

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This week, Aug 7-13, 2017, Two of Cups, Six of Wands and Unicorn tell us that when we recognize the support around us, it will be that much easier to shine and put our true self forward.   These last several days, it feels like everywhere I turn, I am witnessing systems that were unsteady and corrupt are collapsing, imploding from the...

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