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Tarot Reading for Yourself

Nine of Pentacles

International Tarot Day Blog Hop: Nine of Pentacles

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When I was assigned this card for the blog hop, I actually laughed aloud. Because the universe was most definitely sending me a message: “Stop avoiding this!”   The Nine of Pentacles is one of those cards that evokes absolute bliss from the person for whomever the card was drawn, because it connotes material success, abundance and financial independence.   “This is what you...

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Five ways to use tarot cards

Five Ways to use Tarot (or Oracle) Cards

  |   Tarot Reading for Yourself, Videos

Been curious about Tarot or oracle cards, but don't know where to start? Maybe you have a set sitting on your bookshelf collecting dust, or a deck saved in your Amazon favorites. Tarot and oracle cards really are not as complicated or mysterious as they may seem, and are actually wonderful tools for self-discovery and intuitive connection.   Here are five ways...

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The Five of Wands is my Stalker Card

Working with Stalker Cards

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You know them—those cards that show up in your personal readings over and over again. And each time, you may grimace and say, “Oh, you again.” Too often we want to roll on past these stalker cards, assuming the message has already been received, focusing on the cards that have something new to say to us.   But guess what—that card isn’t...

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Intuitive Tarot Reading Relies on Trust

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Last week I posted about tossing the booklets the come with your Tarot decks and beginning each reading with your intuition (read it here).   I know this is harder said than done. Not because accessing your intuition is difficult, and not because the imagery and symbolism of a card is tricky to translate. Only because it can be so so hard...

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