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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Embracing Vulnerability: Getting Out of Your Own Way

  |   Tarot Exercises, Videos, Vulnerability Series

In this sixth and final video in the Embracing Vulnerability series, I bridge the lessons we have learned these past six weeks with intuitive practice. How can we embrace our emotions, as messy and conflicting as they may be, and practice honesty, directness and self-compassion while remaining objective when it comes to doing intuitive inquiry? Getting out of our own...

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Dreams, Tarot and Carl Jung

Dreamwork with Tarot

  |   Articles, Dreams, Tarot Exercises

Every day I come across people that are pleasantly surprised that Tarot can be used in Dreamwork. The two for me have always been a happy marriage: Both are excellent tools for strengthening one’s intuition, and both unlock the door to hidden realms of insight, meaning and self-discovery in the unconscious. Since our unconscious can speak to us through dreams...

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Self-Discovery Tarot Challenge

Self-Discovery Challenge Begins May 1st

  |   Tarot Exercises, Tarot Readings

Hone your personal tarot reading skills while you discover hidden aspects about yourself. In this 12-day FREE challenge hosted by myself and Vickie Wilson, you'll get a prompt each day introducing a psychological concept that teaches us about who we are and why we do the things that we do. Then, we will show you how to use tarot to...

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Writing Meditation

Free Association: A Writing Meditation

  |   Articles, Meditations, Tarot Exercises

Free Association was coined and developed by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, as a technique to access the unconscious. In its original practice, the patient would lie on the couch, allow his or her thoughts to wander, and say whatever came to mind, coached on with inquiring, open-ended questions by the psychoanalyst. In this relaxed, aimless and wandering state,...

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