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mary-el tarot, temperance, 7 of disks

Weekly Transmission: Refueling

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Welcome to your weekly transmission for March 12-18, 2018: Pushing and cajoling will get you no where! Sometimes we need to stop and take a few steps backward to move forward once again.   What are you investing for the long haul? I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about your health, your energy, sacrificing emotional attachments. Where do you need...

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Spiritual books and systems, wonderful but rooted in patriatchy

Evolving Beyond Polarity into Wholeness

  |   Articles, Reflections

There’s been something on my mind a lot lately. And I realize it may not jive well with some of you. So I’ve been both really excited to talk about it, and also kind of scared. But that combination makes me realize I really do need to come out with it.   I’m tired of the fact that all of our spiritual...

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the wild unknown tarot, five of swords, death card, unicorn

Weekly Transmission: Clear Sight

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For this super-blue-blood full moon eclipse week of Jan 29-Feb 3, 2018: Five of Swords, Death and Unicorn present us with a powerful opportunity to release our greatest self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, and usher in true inner wisdom and clear sight.   This is big— I’ve been feeling the energy building up to the full moon on Weds morning for several days....

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