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Card Focus: Seven of Cups

7 of Cups tarot cards

Card Focus: Seven of Cups

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The 7 of Cups is one of those highly frequented cards for me—it shows up all the time in personal readings. Because of this I have grown to understand it quite differently from the explanations given in books, and thought I would share my thoughts. Some books and traditional interpretations of 7 of cups rely solely on the negative “wishful thinking” and delusional aspects of the card, which never sat right with me. Yes, these are possible experiences and conclusions, but I would never jump to them first.


If you are an NF (intuitive-feeling) personality type like me, you probably spent much of your childhood in fantasy land. I was never more happy than when I was playing make-believe games, and I was content to sit alone and quiet in a chair for hours creating little stories, pretend conversations and scenarios in my head. This was my refuse and place of safety outside the chaos of a world that stressed me out and was difficult to understand, but it was also a place where I discovered my creativity and conceived of future possibilities for myself and the world around me.


As an adult, I still need this internal world of fantasy that shows itself in the 7 of cups. It feeds my imagination, allows me to come up with new ideas and to new understandings, and solidifies my beliefs. But it can also serve as an escape, for reasons that are healthy and not so healthy. As an introvert, if I spend a lot of time outputting and inputting energy from others, I will inevitably need to recharge by going inwards and making sense of the experience. So I will get this card in a personal reading, for example, after doing readings for others all day at an event.


On the other hand, if a situation is not going as planned, there is an easy temptation to escape to fantasies that are more inline with what I desire. And so the card will occur in a reading for me as a warning that I am not facing reality square in the face. That I am taking the easy route and falling back on childhood coping strategies. That I need to come out of my comfort zone and experience the world for what it is, not only for what it could be.


The world of fantasy and imagination is not inherently good or bad. And for many sensitive souls, like me, it is an integral part of who they are.