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Intimate Coaching & Guidance to Awaken Your Gifts & Purpose, and Transform Your Fear.

You’re smart, you’re resilient, you’re giving and compassionate. You have so much to offer.


“And yet,” you may be thinking, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do and who I’m supposed to be.” Or, “I don’t have what it takes to put myself out there.”


I’m guessing you have spent a lot of time trying to find out who you are and trying to find the courage to express it. You’ve taken courses, worked with therapists and coaches. And still—doubt, fear and confusion loom in front of you.


I know the experience well. You’re feeling called to do and be something greater, but you don’t know how to actualize it. You don’t trust that you can do what you love to do, and be what you desire to be, and be accepted and taken care of, emotionally and financially. You’re not sure where you belong. You don’t trust that the world will embrace the real you.

I know because I have been there, too.


Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I am a Worthiness Coach and Transformation Guide. I help people who are waking up to who they really are, like you, learn to build their confidence, find their purposes, break through fear, and live a life of fulfillment and belonging.


I can help you heed your desire to transform your life! It is possible to make a difference in other people’s lives, while loving your life in the meantime! We can transform the doubt and confusion you feel into passion and truth. I can coach you through taking courageous, empowered action to live the life that you are meant to live.

BREAKTHROUGH with Charlotte Eléa

It’s time to know who you really are–your true remarkable brilliance! I will show you how to listen to your inner wisdom so that you will:


  • Be fully prepared to live and serve your unique purpose.
  • Feel 100% supported in you truth, gifts and essence.
  • Know how you belong and will make a difference!


As off-kilter as you may be feeling right now, so much can change so quickly… if you begin to listen.

You Are Ready


To be guided by a powerful inner sense of worthiness that aligns with your true purpose. To know and express who you really are. To trust that the universe will provide for you. To be empowered to ask and receive what you really want. To feel confident when stepping into your truth. To feel courageous when facing your fears. To make a powerful, positive impact on others. And to be fulfilled by the life you lead!


I will guide you through the process. This journey you are about to embark upon to know how remarkable you really are, it will be like nothing you can imagine. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!


You’ll learn to hear the guidance you seek from inside you. (This is called living from the inside out!) Your learn to feel the love you need within your own heart. You’ll make discoveries about yourself and uncover gifts of wisdom and creative genius that have been hiding out deep within you, waiting for you to find them.

Charlotte Eléa, Intuitive Guide, Trust Activator

You’ll experience magic and wonder when the full power of your inner truth is activated, you get to know your unique spiritual gifts, and you begin to see how your purpose serves yourself, your community, as well as the world.


You’ll be one with this great universe as you learn to call in and receive all the material, emotional and spiritual support you need from it through intention, surrender and synchronicity.


And you’ll begin to move in flow with your own internal rhythm of change, growth and expansion.


So, let’s get real for a minute.


Because I know you have heard your share of BS. I know you have been marketed by about one thousand coaches, spiritual teachers and healers, and have no time or patience for anything that stops short of the complete truth.

Here’s what’s real:


1. Embracing these changes is not all flowers and rainbows. Getting to know who you really are can be hard, and it sometimes feels as if the truth is wringing you out like a wet blanket.


2. In order to see the other side of worthiness—where those flowers and rainbows live—you need to go through the dark stuff:


Deep into your past where the foundation of who you believe you are was formed. Deep into the shadows where you have hidden the parts of yourself that you do not wish to face. All the way to the true face of your unworthiness.


Real transformation means wholeness, and reclaiming ALL the different parts of yourself. Transforming and transmuting their power over you. Releasing all the lies you were taught about who you are.


So, that’s the hard part. That’s the part many people don’t want to talk about, because it is challenging work at times.


I know you already have some sense like I do that you are ready to go deeper, and that the time is nigh to stop letting your fear and unworthiness get in the way of you being your bad ass self. And so, if you’re still reading, you are ready to embrace it all.


You know that in order to move through change for real, you’ll need to go through the hard stuff and reclaim it in order to also have the good stuff. And you need someone walking beside you, guiding you through that process with love, deep knowing and compassion.


Here’s the juicy, wonderful part about this stage:


Everything you have learned and experienced up until this point will assist you. You are already wise, already brilliant, already gifted.


You may not believe it yet, but all your wisdom is waiting and ready for you to use — I will show you how to quickly access it.


You can live the next stage of your life with a unique feeling of joy, strength and confidence that comes from the core of who you really are. You can serve your purpose with passion and commitment. You can be valued by others, and compensated for your unique gifts.


I know you can. The universe knows you can. And we need YOU and your gifts now!


You Are Needed Now:


To serve a unique purpose that will help heal and transform this world.


To love and TRUST yourself like never before.


To transform your loneliness into belonging.


To transform your fear into courage.


To transform your wounds of abandonment and rejection into love.


To feel EMPOWERED to take your life in any direction you decide.


To know you will be valued and recognized in your essence.


To feel confident when taking action and stepping into the wild, wonderful unknown.


To experience the support that surrounds you in making your dreams a reality.

Here’s How


Over the course of our time together:


You’ll gain clarity over where you are at: Change begins with radical self-acceptance. As you embrace what’s real right now in your life, from the transparent, to the deeply hidden, you will accept it and transform what feels like blocks, challenges and even crises into gifts and opportunities.


You’ll dream up where you want to go: You’ll fully activate your powers of imagination and intention. You’ll be led by a sacred intention that aligns with your true desires and soul’s purpose. With this intention, the universe will conspire to make it become reality.


You’ll activate the full power of your intuition: You’ll gain the skills and confidence to regularly access your own intuition for inner guidance, using your favorite intuitive tools. I’ll provide coaching in the use of Tarot and oracle cards, dream interpretation, guided imagery and meditation, and sacred symbolism.


You’ll journey deep within and integrate cut off parts of yourself. You’ll learn what it really means to radically love and embrace who you really are, including your shadows. You’ll connect to a deep well of strength, resilience and courage within yourself. And you’ll discover profound spiritual gifts and essential truths that empower and inspire you.


You’ll learn how to receive, release and surrender: Together, we’ll practice integrating the wisdom you receive, surrendering to the guidance and changes coming your way, trusting and holding faith in the unknown, and letting go of what no longer serves you.


You’ll be held by spirit and community: You’ll gain a personal, unique and sacred connection to your Highest Self and your spirit guides, which will last a lifetime. And you’ll join a supportive community of other smart, resilient and gorgeous souls committed to living their truth and purpose.



The 12 Stage of Transformation

The 12 Stages of Transformation

Here’s the secret sauce!


In order to fully unlock your transformation from this inside out, I’ll guide you through a journey of the 12 sacred stages . I discovered these stages through my own personal journeys of transformation and discovering my purpose and truth. Each stage brings you closer to the essence of who you are, and your inherent worthiness.


Stage 1: Acceptance: Know what is real, what is true, what is present right now.


Stage 2: Desire: Activate what your soul truly wants and needs, and set your intention.


Stage 3: Alchemy: Discover and practice your powers of emotional transformation.


Stage 4. Shadow: Journey deep into your psyche to integrate what you have cut off, lost or blocked out.


Stage 5: Communion: Create a sacred, unique bond with spirit and your highest self.


Stage 6: Love: Reconnect with your inner child, forgive and heal wounds, discover wholeness.


Stage 7: Release: Let go of the beliefs, patterns and attachments that no longer serve you.


Stage 8: Liminality: Embrace and surrender to the wild, wonderful unknown.


Stage 9: Play: Live outside the box, experiment, break the rules and have fun!


Stage 10: Purpose: Claim what gives your life meaning, and provides you with fulfillment, belonging and passion.


Stage 11: Expression: Take courageous action that is aligned with your truth and delivers your purpose.


Stage 12: Wisdom: Integrate the lessons and wisdom you have learned, and receive your next lesson.

What’s Included


1. 1-on-1 Guidance Sessions: These 60-minute live sessions will be your chance to ask questions, and give voice to your emotions, doubts, uncertainties, hopes and dreams. We’ll go deep together, activate our intuitions, and you’ll unlock the wisdom you need to guide you through the current challenge, stage of transformation, and opportunity on your path.


2. Intuition Coaching: You’ll join me in learning intuitive practice and living. You’ll be guided through meditation, ask yourself deep, breakthrough questions, explore dreams, draw cards and practice surrendering and receiving with my guidance.


3. 12 Digital Activations for each of the Stages of Transformation: You’ll dive deep into self discovery and awakening throughout each of the 12 stages. At each stage, you’ll receive: A lesson, intention setting ritual, guided journey/meditation, Tarot guide activation, and powerful card and journaling prompts.


4. Bonus Self-Paced Courses on Developing your Intuitive Skills: You’ll have a plethora of Self-Study materials at your disposal to develop a daily intuitive Tarot or oracle card practice, interpret your dreams, and take guided meditations, all at your own pace.


5. Personalized Box of Self-Love Supplies: You’ll receive via snail mail, a printed version of your reading, a personalized sacred candle with an image of your Archetype, a Tarot or oracle deck, a personalized essential oil blend, plus other items I choose specifically for you to make you feel sacred.


6. Unlimited Private Access to Me: During the length of your enrollment, you are free to email me day and night and I will respond in full within one business day (Mon-Fri).


7. An In-Depth Personalized Reading Kicks it Off: Your reading will include the primary themes of our work together, as well as go deep into the hidden areas of your unconscious. It will explore: Your challenges to work through, your gifts to unlock, your core patterns and wounding (shadow), and your avenues of expansion.


8. A Bonus Celebration Session Wraps Up Your Journey: We’ll go full circle and look at where you were, and celebrate where you have come, acknowledging the lessons you learned, the gifts you unlocked, and the truths you now live by. Plus, we’ll peak into where you want to go next.

By the end of your journey, you will see yourself in a completely new light!


You will know how powerful and talented you are to bring about the changes in your life that YOU desire.


You’ll be showing up as your true, greatest self, and taking action through your truth and purpose.


You’ll feel supported by what excites, inspires, motivates and fulfills you.


You’ll deeply trust your intuition and inner wisdom to continue to guide you.


You’ll be held with love by yourself, community and the universe in your highest capacity, greatest gifts and most powerful contributions.

Charlotte Eléa, intuitive guide, personal transformation coach

Do you desire to believe in yourself? To make an impact, embody your true essence, purpose and gifts, and be supported in doing so?


If so, I’d love to guide you on a journey of profound awakening! But, you are probably wondering what the cost is…


I don’t do pricing the same as most: The financial investment to your transformation will be unique to you and your resources.


Here are a few different investments from clients who worked with me for 6 months:


$4200 Paid In Full

6 Monthly Payments of $750

$3200 Paid in Full

6 Monthly Payments of $550

6 Monthly Payments of $400

12 Monthly Installments of $200


If you hear a deep “YES” to this experience, we will customize a package and investment that fits you. Your investment will stretch you but it won’t stress you. Committing to an experience like this requires a stretch, as it is your energetic investment that will immediately begin the transformation process within.


If stressing about the money is the only thing standing in your way of committing, please still apply.

Ready for your transformation? Here's the next step:

How to Apply


Breakthrough is by application only. I have a few spots open now for the right clients who are ready to begin their profound journeys of deep personal transformation.


To apply, complete the application and choose a time slot on my schedule for a 30-minute conversation.


I ask that you ONLY apply if you are serious in your desire to explore this program. I have limited availability, and I want to save these spots for those motivated right now to make a commitment.


With that said, If I believe you are a good fit, you won’t be obliged to sign up, and I would never pressure you to make a decision on the spot. You’ll have plenty of time to ask me questions, too.

Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

What Clients Have Said

"Before this journey, I did not know who I was and didn’t want to know, as I believed I was not a nice person! I did everything in my power not to be seen. This has been totally turned around.

By having a good look at myself, all the fear, hurt, confusion, I have been taught/learnt to be so so kind to myself. The introduction to the inner child was a complete revelation. And such a comfort. And from that moment forward everything began to make sense. And I have noticed the difference externally due to my internal work. As i am caring more about myself. I learnt it’s ok to want and need attention. What I didn’t realize was this need for attention was a need met from within (breakthrough!).

My biggest shift is trusting myself. And in this new sense of trust, standing up for myself in situations where anyone is projecting their insecurities onto me. Instead of not saying anything, I am learning to speak up! But to do so from an understanding of the other being a hurt child. Even now, you are still present and pulling me up, and making me step up.

What helped when I hit challenges, was you (Charlotte) holding my hand all the way through. Knowing there is not right or wrong, good or bad. That we are exactly where we need to be, for a reason. By facing my fear, the opposite surfaced. I felt such grief but experienced such joy. Could not believe this experience. I have not laughed and cried so much in my whole life. It has been amazing. Also have been feeling myself as a very sexual and sensual person. Very joyous and pleasurable and delightful.

My desire at the outset of the journey was for Love. And this is what I found at the end of the journey. I am just a little bundle of love. A bundle of energy bouncing around the cosmos full of love, bumping into other bundles of energy and passing/sharing this love on. How delightful. Anything is now possible for the future!"

Sheila Barton

"The specific techniques and compassionate teaching and feedback that Charlotte offered in her personal counseling sessions is so valuable to me. I have seen a quantum leap in my inner growth and self-trust during these five months, and my life is expanding outward in amazing new ways.

The progress I have made with Charlotte has been so noticeable that my therapist told me she thought I didn't need to come anymore to sessions with her anymore, as this work was obviously doing so much to help me. I got off my psych meds months ago. I am feeling much happier and more fulfilled, excited about new relationships and plans, while also feeling able to deal with difficult emotions that come up.

The most valuable part of the work for me was Charlotte's compassion and deep grasp of how to work with pain and difficult shadow emotions. She helped me to understand the concept of the inner child, the shadow, the ego, and the higher self as parts of myself that needed to be recognized, held, and nurtured. Charlotte's wonderful encouragement of the state of "not knowing" as a fertile ground for our inner wisdom was the perfect antidote to a lifetime of having tried to always be in control and know.

I can't recommend Charlotte highly enough. Thank you Charlotte for all the light you bring!"

Amba Sarah Caldwell

"I feel incredibly blessed to have Charlotte in my life. I’ve always felt held, known, seen, and accepted by her in every moment of our interactions. Charlotte possesses a unique array of skills that traverse the realms of the sacred and intuitive with those of more traditional foundations of psychology and counseling. Working at the nexus of intuitive and analytic practices, Charlotte offers her clients the best of both worlds. Charlotte’s gifts include her perspicacity, wisdom, intuitiveness, gentle spirit, intelligence, wit, and playfulness. She has a way of zeroing in on the heart of the matter, while maintaining her gentleness in the delivery of her insights.

While some coaches might be overly positive or Pollyanna, which never helps with personal growth, Charlotte doesn’t shy away from being authentic and straightforward about her awareness and insights. However, she has a knack for sharing her perspective in a kind, gentle, and loving manner that always opens the door to exploration and discovery. I’m grateful for Charlotte’s insights, intuition, and guidance, and so appreciative of her openness and willingness to walk alongside me on my journey. On top of all of that, she’s incredibly playful and fun to work with, which only adds a layer of delight to the mix.

On a final note, I might add one more thing: I am a clinical psychologist by training, Ph.D. and all, and while I have found therapy to be incredibly useful in the past, I find that working with Charlotte provides the best of both worlds…she has a grip on the foundations of counseling and psychology, but also reaches into the worlds beyond what we are able to observe, know, and reach via conventional means and methods--that of intuition and spirituality. If you want to find a warm, supportive, insightful, intuitive, intelligent, wise, loving and soulful coach, Charlotte is the one!"

Valentina Rossi, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I have had two sessions with Charlotte and cannot wait for my next one. The moment I met her I knew she truly loves what she does. Charlotte gives guidance in the most sincere way that makes you feel like you are just spending time with your wise, patient, caring oldest friend. To anyone looking to gain immediate clarity and insight into their life, I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough."

Courtney C.