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You are Extraordinary: Inspirational Video

You are Extraordinary

  |   Intuition, Reflections

If you don't want to settle for the life given to you, a kind of life that makes others content, a life that surface-wise seems perfectly acceptable, there is nothing wrong with you. And in fact, if you don't want to settle, it means you are quite extraordinary. Watch this video from my heart to yours to learn more.   ...

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April 2017 Tarot Forecast

  |   Monthly Forecasts, Tarot Readings, Videos

This month we are bringing awareness to how we may be tempted to return to old patterns and behaviors even though we know that they do not serve us, and are discovering ways that we may inspire ourselves to keep growing, letting go of the past, and focusing on what really matters. With Four of Cups, Knight of Cups and...

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Healing Power of Alchemy

The Healing Power of Alchemy

  |   News, Reflections, Videos

What the heck is alchemy, anyway? It's actually quite simple: the practice of adding two or more elements together in order to break something down into its most true and pure essence. Alchemy, when we apply this practice personally, is the natural process of healing, release and creation.   In this video, learn more about what alchemy is, and how to practice...

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Embracing Vulnerability: Getting Out of Your Own Way

  |   Tarot Exercises, Videos, Vulnerability Series

In this sixth and final video in the Embracing Vulnerability series, I bridge the lessons we have learned these past six weeks with intuitive practice. How can we embrace our emotions, as messy and conflicting as they may be, and practice honesty, directness and self-compassion while remaining objective when it comes to doing intuitive inquiry? Getting out of our own...

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March 2017 Tarot Reading

March 2017 Tarot Forecast

  |   Monthly Forecasts, Videos

This month is all about getting comfortable with what is uncomfortable--finding your flow! We are building building building, while also being asked to surrender assumptions and receive divine guidance. A breakthrough is on the horizon! Cards include the Emperor, 8 of Swords, King of Swords Rx Tarot cards, and Unicorn and Love oracle cards.   ...

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Embracing Vulnerability with a bit of Wiggle Room

Embracing Vulnerability: Wiggle Room

  |   Reflections, Videos, Vulnerability Series

In this third video in the Embracing Vulnerability series, we learn how to cope with and process emotional triggers and overwhelm, as I use my own experience of being triggered the night before I made this video to walk through the very real and raw process. Truth bomb preview: We need to be emotionally triggered to learn how to heal...

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