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Mary El Tarot - my personal 2017 forecast

Shadow and Grace: What I had to Embrace in 2017

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If you own a Tarot deck, or gotten readings before, you may agree that the three least liked cards in the deck are: Death, Devil and Tower. That’s what I hear from my clients, anyway.   My own approach is to fully embrace these archetypes, as no stage of the Major Arcana is a “bad” one. I even use Death and the...

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What it Means to Invest in Personal Growth, Charlotte Eléa

What it Means to Invest in Your Personal Growth

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The topic of money is probably sprinkled throughout your social feeds and inbox if you follow other life, career and spiritual coaches. I know it infiltrates my feeds all the time!   Coaches can’t get enough of talking about how to clear abundance blocks and make more money. In order to spend money on coaching, making more money seems to be the...

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The Wil Unknown Tarot 7 of Cups 4 of Wands

Truth Transmission: Digging Tunnels Back to Source

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For November 6-12, 2017: Seven of Cups, Four of Wands and Earthworm tell us that we are digging tunnels through our psyches, bringing ourselves home, bringing ourselves back to source, so that we may find a renewed sense of purpose.   Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time concentrating right about now. Maybe your mind is drifting into fantasyland, into...

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Day of the Dead Transmission

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Prepare to dive into how to make use of this time when the veils between the living and the dead thin. A portal is open, and our ancestors and cherished loved ones who have passed have an important message to convey to each one of us.   After Watching:   1. Download your gift from Renée Starr: Dark Moon of the Ancestors.   2. Book your...

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