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Intuitive Coaching

Age is Only a Story

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My entire adult life everyone I meet has thought I am ten years younger than I am. Is this a compliment--hell, yeah! But do I get defensive about it, too? Oh, yes. In this video I confront my own deep seated defense of feeling like I have to explain to people, "I'm older than I look!" As I pick apart this insecurity...

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September 2016 Monthly Tarot Reading

September 2016 Tarot Reading

  |   Monthly Forecasts, Tarot Readings, Videos

September's theme is about honoring healing with the Five of Cups, embracing release with the Ten of Swords, unlocking deep wisdom with the Queen of Swords, and ascending to a more holistic point of knowledge with the Hawk. And, for the third month is a row, Death, from the Sacred Symbols Oracle greets us once again. Get ready for a...

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Intuitive Tarot Reading Relies on Trust

  |   Articles, Tarot Reading for Yourself

Last week I posted about tossing the booklets the come with your Tarot decks and beginning each reading with your intuition (read it here).   I know this is harder said than done. Not because accessing your intuition is difficult, and not because the imagery and symbolism of a card is tricky to translate. Only because it can be so so hard...

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