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International Tarot Day Blog Hop: Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

International Tarot Day Blog Hop: Nine of Pentacles

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When I was assigned this card for the blog hop, I actually laughed aloud. Because the universe was most definitely sending me a message: “Stop avoiding this!”


The Nine of Pentacles is one of those cards that evokes absolute bliss from the person for whomever the card was drawn, because it connotes material success, abundance and financial independence.


“This is what you have worked so hard for—your dedication has paid off!”


Yay!! Woo hoo! (Fireworks, smiley faces, hearts, flowers.)


So why would I have such a mixed reaction when I was assigned this card? Why would my laugh contain a complicated combination of knowing and uneasiness?


Because the blissful, lush state portrayed through the Nine of Pentacles has always felt just out of reach for me. No matter how well I take care of myself, how much I am earning, how lovely my home, there never seems like enough.


This has been one of the core issues I have struggled with all my life. A deeply held belief and fear of not being taken care of by the world around me, a feeling of lack deep in my bones.


My point in this article is not to go into where/how that wound originated. But to explain how I came to understand the real meaning of the Nine of Pentacles:


If you don’t feel it on the inside, it doesn’t matter what your external world looks like. Abundance is a state cultivated from within.


The only way I am going to experience abundance is by creating purposeful moments for myself that bring it about. And for me, this means getting real intimate with the essence of Pentacles itself—the earth.


Submerging myself into nature means getting dirty, or wet. I want to feel nature on my skin! I want to smell it. I want it to completely surround me. I don’t want to sense a hint of traffic. So today, in preparation for writing this piece, I went to La Piedra State Beach in Malibu, and wouldn’t you know it? I was the only one there at 10am on this hot summer day.


I didn’t wear my bathing suit, but this didn’t stop me from jumping into the water, which was full of fine sand—the more the better. Sand inside my jogging pants, my sports bra, everywhere.


Charlotte in Seaweed


I often collect rocks at the beach, but none spoke to me today. Instead, a beautiful strand of seaweed the length and size of a boa called out to me. This was my gift from the sea witch. I draped it around my shoulders, I twirled it in the air, I ran down the coast laughing and dancing.


Being this close to the earth brings about an experience of Oneness for me: Where not only do I feel an emotional and physical connection with this great universe, but I know it. I know we are all one.


And therefore all the growth and plenitude that exists in my external world is also in my internal world. As within, so without. (As above, so below.)


There is a reason why Mama Earth wants us to cultivate and enjoy her resources. Because if we are happy and fulfilled, then we are ready to be of service to others. And that takes us to the 10 of Pentacles, coming up next in this blog hop.


We all sometimes wish we could stay at the abundance of the Nine of Pentacles forever. But we are a part of a much greater system that turns and turns. We master our abilities to provide for ourselves so that we may pay it forward, and begin the cycle over again.


(Card images above are from The Wild Unknown Tarot and Prisma Visions Tarot, respectively.)


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