Join Me in an Intimate 1-on-1 Introductory Awakening Session


Welcome! I am so glad you navigated to this page, and if you have, I believe you are here for a reason.


My name is Charlotte Eléa. I am a Transformation Guide, Worthiness Coach, Emotional Healer, Intuition Expert and all around specialist of bringing all the things that lurk beneath the surface into consciousness and wholeness.

An Awakening Session tunes you into the messages your soul desires for you to know RIGHT NOW, so that you may move forward on your divine path.

BREAKTHROUGH with Charlotte Eléa

I’ll show you how to tune into those messages, and we’ll create an action plan moving forward to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.


Each session is tailored specifically for you. Here’s what’s possible in an Awakening Session:


  1. Discover the root cause of what is causing you confusion and doubt.
  2. Connect to your own highest form of wisdom.
  3. Gain tools to move through your blocks.
  4. Journey deep within to unlock your truth.
  5. Breakthrough to clarity of your spiritual path.
  6. Learn how to heal the divisions and pain you experience within.

“Where do I begin?” is the first question many of my clients ask.


The answer is: “Anywhere.” Because no matter where you begin, we will get to where you need to go. You may begin by exploring issues you are experiencing in your:


  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Family
  • Life changes and transitions
  • Spiritual connection
  • Self-worth
  • Life purpose
  • Creative flow

What Previous Clients Have Said…

"Charlotte is a truly gifted guide! My session with her went above and beyond what I expected! She intuitively tapped into a belief about myself that I subconsciously tucked away. She connected the dots in a way that allowed me to view it with a fresh pair of eyes and heart so it could be resolved. I appreciate her approach and ability to connect so warmly. I highly recommend working with her! I am so grateful and still amazed at my time with her."

Mia Davis

"Charlotte held a loving and safe space to explore my long term blocks. My session was deep and transformative, as she guided me in finding the root to my struggle and bringing it into the light. Charlotte helped me see what I could not and gently and firmly guided me through the journey. It has been an incredibly powerful, beautiful and life changing experience working with Charlotte."

Ruth Humphreys

"I began working with Charlotte at a time when I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and in a place of transition. Charlotte held a beautiful space for me to feel supported, where I could fully express without judgement on a foundation of constructive advice. Charlotte was able to intuitively and expertly pick out the things from my psyche which were wanting to be addressed and integrated, to allow me the clarity to move forward. I felt so much lighter after my session, like I was reinvigorated with a fresh sense of myself and what I needed to nourish myself with at this time. Charlotte's ability to really see, hear, and hold you in an authentic, loving space is in itself a healing experience! I can't recommend her skills and wisdom enough for anyone that wants to deep dive into their healing and transformation."

Samantha Mant

"I came to Charlotte feeling very confused about a recent personal experience and unsure of how to work through and manage what was happening emotionally. During the session, she was honest, direct and spoke to me in a compassionate way. She provided clarity and a way to work with what was coming up for me. She has a background in psychotherapy and this really came through in her style -- she combined her intuitive gifts and her psychological understanding of my issue to help me work through my current dilemma. I feel very grateful for her insight."

Chris L., Licensed Psychologist

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I offer these Awakening Sessions on a sliding scale basis to make them accessible to all. Please choose the amount that is possible but also stretches you. Paying for services is an energetic commitment: The more you feel stretched but not stressed, the more you will get out of the session. You will get the same from me regardless of the amount you pay–this is a purely need-based honor system.


When making your choice below, please consider ALL your financial assets, including personal income, spouse/household income, savings accounts, trust funds, stocks, etc.


Click the dollar amount of the commitment you would like to make.


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Then, you will be given an intake form and agreement (please complete it in full), and finally you will be asked to submit payment via Paypal or credit card (via Paypal).


I look forward to diving deep with you!