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How to bring magic back to the holidays

How I Brought Magic Back to the Holidays

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Happy Winter Solstice! In honor of this special day, between where the light’s journey ends and will begin again (or the light’s journey peaks if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), I wanted to share with you some personal experiences and deep, heartfelt reflections about this time of year.   When I was eight years old, I loved Christmas. Oh my goodness, how...

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Fountain Tarot cards on altar: wheel of fortune, world, death

Change vs Transformation: There’s a Big Difference

  |   Articles, Intuition

Change and Transformation are both words that are thrown around quite a bit in the personal development world. I use them all the time. In fact, I call myself a Personal Transformation Coach, and I say in my bio that I help people facing change.   But, you know how the more a word is used, the less meaning it seems to...

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Gratitude, from the sacred symbols oracle deck

Why Gratitude Doesn’t Always Come Easy

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I remember telling my therapist when I was 24, “I can’t ever say things are going well, because if I do, I’ll ruin it, and tomorrow it will all go to hell.”   When I said this, I believed it one hundred percent. I was convinced that the world had punished me multiple times over for expressing positivity and gratitude, and so...

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