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Self-Discovery Tarot Challenge

Self-Discovery Challenge Begins May 1st

  |   Tarot Exercises, Tarot Readings

Hone your personal tarot reading skills while you discover hidden aspects about yourself. In this 12-day FREE challenge hosted by myself and Vickie Wilson, you'll get a prompt each day introducing a psychological concept that teaches us about who we are and why we do the things that we do. Then, we will show you how to use tarot to...

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Dream Symbols: Sex

  |   Dreams, Videos

Don't worry--sex dreams do not always mean that you want to have sex with the person in your dream or that you are harboring a hidden sexual desire for them. More often than not, sex dreams are about creativity or connection. The corresponding tarot cards to these two related but somewhat different meanings, are the Lovers and the Two of...

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Lovers tarot cards

Card Focus: Lovers

  |   Articles, Card Meanings

With my Sun in Gemini, if I go by Golden Dawn astrological correspondences, the Lovers is my soul card. But also, if I add up all the digits of my birthday and year, then reduce to a number under 23 (thus, corresponding to a card of the major arcana), I get 6, which is also the number to the Lovers...

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Dreaming Way Tarot The Tower

The Soul Refuses to Compromise

  |   Articles, Reflections

I used to be willing to compromise. In fact, my life was all about compromise. Until a little over one year ago, when the Tower struck in my life and it all fell apart. I then finally decided, enough is enough. It was time to dedicate my life to my soul’s purpose.   With spring in full force and all the beginnings,...

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Wheel of Fortune tarot cards

Card Focus: Wheel of Fortune

  |   Articles, Card Meanings

The Wheel of Fortune is one of those cards with such profound, often overlooked wisdom. It is a highly spiritual card, but not in an obvious way. Despite what some might say, I do not believe the Wheel can foretell or warn of anyone’s fortune or ill fate. In fact, its message is precisely the opposite: it’s total chaos out...

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The Devil Tarot Card

Card Focus: The Devil

  |   Articles, Card Meanings

The Devil is one of the tarot cards that embodies so many different facets of the human experience I often wish that it was divided into three or four different cards. Especially right now in the world and in this country, I see the dark manifestations of the devil everywhere. (And, yes, Trump and his hate campaign of glory is...

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April 2016 Tarot Forecast

April 2016 Forecast

  |   Monthly Forecasts, Tarot Readings, Videos

The motto for April could be, "Get yourself out there!" Your three cards this month, the Sun, Three of Cups and the Chariot, provide plenty of motivation to step into the light, embrace the moment, and push ahead. It's a spring awakening. Get the details in the video below.   ...

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Intentional Dreaming

Getting Started with Intentional Dreaming

  |   Articles, Dreams

At the Gnostic Society here in Los Angeles, I recently attended a lecture on Dreams and Soul Transformation by Dr. Stephan Hoeller. At one point he described dreams as “letters from your soul,” and not paying attention to your dreams as not opening that letter. This resonated with me on a deep level. Dreams can carry powerful messages, that when...

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Three of Swords tarot cards

Card Focus: Three of Swords

  |   Articles, Card Meanings

The illustration that accompanies the Three of Swords in many decks that follow the RWS tradition—three swords skewering a bleeding heart—always in some ways baffled me. I get that the three swords do not meet peacefully. And I get the heart-wrenching feeling that is being conveyed by this experience. But it’s the heart itself on the card that feels misdirected....

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Four of Cups tarot cards

Card Focus: Four of Cups

  |   Articles, Card Meanings

Continuing my series focusing on specific cards, the Four of Cups is one of those cards that when I read about it in a book, I literally feel myself squirm for all the introverts of the world. Traditional meanings have summed up this card as basically a child pouting in the corner, refusing to receive the gifts offered to him...

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