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Intuitive Tarot Reading Relies on Trust

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Last week I posted about tossing the booklets the come with your Tarot decks and beginning each reading with your intuition (read it here).   I know this is harder said than done. Not because accessing your intuition is difficult, and not because the imagery and symbolism of a card is tricky to translate. Only because it can be so so hard...

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August 2016 Tarot Reading

August 2016 Tarot Forecast

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This month, five powerful cards initiate a process of deep personal and spiritual transformation for many of us. Three Tarot cards--Nine of Cups, Hierophant and Death reversed--plus, a Sacred Symbols oracle card, Death (again), and an Animal Spirit oracle card, Snake. Get ready to practice Radical Self-Acceptance, confront new inner truths, release old beliefs and reactivate your life force of...

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Moving out of shame and into acceptance

Taking Responsibility: Moving from Shame into Acceptance

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Last week I created a post about owning your shit, and about how reversed court cards in a Tarot reading can indicate a lack of self-awareness. (Read it here.)   However, I have found over and over again that making the leap from being aware of your not-so-perfect actions to taking responsibility for those actions is an incredibly difficult leap for many...

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Dreams, Tarot and Carl Jung

Dreamwork with Tarot

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Every day I come across people that are pleasantly surprised that Tarot can be used in Dreamwork. The two for me have always been a happy marriage: Both are excellent tools for strengthening one’s intuition, and both unlock the door to hidden realms of insight, meaning and self-discovery in the unconscious. Since our unconscious can speak to us through dreams...

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Fountain Tarot Review

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I am excited to begin publishing monthly guest posts on the Mother House of the Goddess. Please check out my first post, a review of one of my favorite contemporary Tarot decks, the Fountain Tarot:   Fountain Tarot for the Modern Spiritual Seeker ...

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Bridging the Worlds of Tarot and Psychotherapy

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I know both of the worlds of Psychotherapy and Tarot well, as I have spent much time in each of them. As you know, I ultimately chose the latter over the former, but my background in psychology and time spent as a psychotherapist has greatly informed my skills and style as an Intuitive Counselor and Tarot Reader.   The similarities between the...

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