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Answering Yes/No Questions with the Tarot

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Answering Yes/No Questions with the Tarot

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Should I leave my job? Will I fall in love this year? Am I doing the right thing?


What these common queries have in common is that they are all questions that demand an answer of yes or no. Tarot readers often try to rephrase yes/no questions to be more open-ended because that kind of narrow response often shuts down the complexity of the issue at hand and the wisdom that the cards can offer.


But sometimes the question cannot be rephrased, and that is just fine with me. I like to take on yes/no questions, as long as my client is open to receiving an answer that is much more complex and less definitive than simply one word. Here is how I approach this type of query:


I lay down three cards, all of which contribute to a likely positive outcome or a likely negative. Upright cards represent forces working towards a Yes, and reverse cards represent forces working towards a No. So, if all three cards are upright, the answer is, “Most definitely, yes!” If two are upright, and one is reversed, the answer is, “Most likely, but there are issues that still need attending to.” If one card is upright and two are reversed, the answer is, “It’s possible, but there are some major challenges to overcome first.” If all cards are reversed, the answer is, “No, not until the following issues are resolved.”


But the reading does not stop there! Each of those positive and negative cards contains a message of what is working in your favor and what against. What can you be confident in and rely on? What do you still need to work on, and how can you go about turning it around? This reading often gets right to the core of the problem at hand, and so is quite effective for quick reads. The following is a real example:


The client asked, “Should I get back together with my boyfriend?” And here were her cards (see image in background).


The Queen of Cups reversed represented herself and indicated that she was still in a highly emotional state and had not yet healed from the initial breakup. Further questioning revealed that she had initiated the breakup, but that she had felt very conflicted about the decision and had been in heavy mourning since. The reversal of this card indicated that she needed to direct nurturing and caretaking towards herself to emotionally heal first before making a decision.


The Ten of Wands reversed indicated a relationship pattern that would need to be changed if she was to get back together. I asked if she ever felt like the relationship was one sided, like she was the one carrying the burden for both of them, and she responded with a definitive, “Yes!” She went on to say that sometimes she felt like his mother, and that she felt emotionally exhausted from taking care of him. This is a major relationship issue that led her to burn out and breakup. I advised that if they were to get back together, they would need to seek couples counseling to change this pattern together.


The Lovers upright was a beacon of hope in the reading. This card indicated that she and her ex-boyfriend still had much they could learn from each other. That by working out their negative patterns in therapy, they would each grow and develop individually and end up in a better, more mature place than they currently were. Furthermore, the attraction and connection was still there.


From this reading she decided that she needed more time to focus on herself and her own needs before considering a reunion, but that it was good to know a reunion was a possibility for the future. And this is a great example of why this 3-card reading is such an effective tool for answering yes/no questions: because it empowers you with insight to make an informed decision but still leaves that decision up to you.