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Air is My Superpower

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I’m just gonna go ahead and claim it, folks: Air is my superpower!


I have spent much of my life feeling like I needed to reclaim my sensitive and empathic nature, thus identifying most strongly with my emotional side.


But now I am feeling the need to own the Gemini sun / Aquarius rising in me. I am a thinker (I’ve got the worry lines between my brows to prove it). And plugging in for me means opening my mind to the wisdom of the universe. I am tired of hearing the mind and intellect associated with Swords and all the forcefulness and negativity that suit brews. (Yes, Tarot, I am speaking to you. I love you dearly, you know I do, but even you have your weaknesses.)


And so, for all the Airy folks out there, I have quickly compiled a list of our super strengths:


Inner-Knowing: We don’t need to exhaust books, check facts and be given evidence to know what’s true. We just know, from the inside out.


Vision: We take a macro view of all situations, thus, we are excellent at describing the bigger picture, identifying patterns, and foreseeing the future.


Analytics: We can also take a micro view, adapting easily to the linear nature of cognitive processes, breaking plans and projects into digestible parts. We will figure out the “why” in everything.


Communication: We are at our best when we’ve got an audience who will read or listen to our ideas. We have a way with words and language.


Learning: We have a thirst for knowledge and are constant students of life, never tiring of learning something new, and never intimidated by something we don’t yet know or understand and pick it up quickly.


Our Weakness:

Circular thinking: When things don’t go as planned, we can trap ourselves in self-created thinking traps. Allowing thoughts to validate evidence, to validate beliefs, and so on.


Our Achilles Heal:

When you betray our truths, or try to prove wrong what we know to be true, you’ll likely see the back of our head walking away from you.