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Charlotte Eléa is the author of the book, To Be Worthy. A clairvoyant healer. And an expert in intuitive self-healing.


She is an Intuitive Guide for unique, soulful women who are ready to unleash their gifts and heal their core wounds. She is a Mentor for fellow Healers who are ready to transform their deepest wounds into their most profound gifts. She is an Oracle and channels your highest self to reveal your healing path and soul’s purpose. Her gift is in seeing and knowing what you are ready to heal, and where your soul is guiding you.


Charlotte is a practitioner of the spiritual and healing arts of tarot, guided meditation and dreamwork. She is professionally trained as a clinical psychotherapist, intuitive reader, and sacred space holder. However, her unique energetic healing medicine was only fully awakened when she set upon her own path of discovering new ways of healing her own core wounds.


She has developed unique approaches to emotional healing, intuition development and spiritual self-discovery through her own experiences of deep transformation. Including:


Soul Sight Healing: An innovative energy healing method that clears limiting and wounding beliefs, and connects you to the visions, voice and guidance of your soul and highest self.


The Soul Purpose Activation: A transformative process utilizes intuitive methods, whereby she guide you to use your sensitivity and emotions to connect energetically to your essence, and helps you create a vision for the great healing impact you have the potential to make in our world.



Current Clients: Please email me at charlotte@bigbeautifulbreakthrough.com. I will get back to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).


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Charlotte is passionate about leading you to the discovery that you may take the dark, difficult, painful and wounded parts of yourself and transform them into frickin’ gold.


In To Be Worthy, she helps sensitive, soulful women reclaim their self-worth and their powerful voices by telling her own personal story of healing, and by offering Worthiness Practices. Her readers immediately activate self-compassion and self-love through exploring the deeper and sometimes hidden dimensions of their past that desire healing, the reality of who they are that they may now embrace, and the future possibilities that they desire.


She inspires women to begin making new healing and empowering choices for themselves through the sharing of her personal journey. As a public figure and author, she leads by example. She embraces courage and honesty in what she shares, letting her community members see what changes are possible for themselves.


Going Deeper


As long as she can remember, her favorite places to visit were the ones that lived deep within, that crossed dimensions, and activated her imagination and psychic abilities.


As a child she would feel everything everyone in the room was feeling, and the external world often felt too dangerous, too much. It wasn’t until she had left her career as a psychotherapist that she realized she had always been gifted with clairvoyant seeing, feeling and knowing. And that she could channel these gifts into powerful healing, both for herself and for others.


Charlotte believes that we all came into this world divinely wounded. We carry thousands of years of pain, suffering and trauma from our ancestors and soul’s lineage. It is her purpose to heal these wounds and break the contracts of the past, in order to set her soul free.


She is passionate about helping others set themselves free, too, and she can guide you in that process.