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Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Guide for unique, soulful women who are ready to unleash their gifts and heal their core wounds. She is a Mentor for fellow Healers who are ready to transform their deepest wounds into their most profound gifts. She is an Oracle and channels your highest self to reveal your healing path and soul’s purpose. Her gift is in seeing and knowing what you are ready to heal, and why your soul has chosen to live in your human body.


Charlotte has a background in clinical psychotherapy, and has been a student of the divinatory arts, including Tarot and dreamwork, for over 15 years. She has developed unique approaches to self-healing, intuitive development and spiritual self-discovery through her own experiences of deep transformation and healing. Her first book, To Be Worthy, will be available July of 2019.


Hello Dear One, I can help you unlock your inner wisdom, heal and transform deep wounds within, and embrace your truth–the whole truth about how you desire to serve, what gifts you are here to share, what impact you make, and what is you true purpose and calling.

Why do I do what I do?


Because I know we each hold a unique set of gifts and form of light that is important to the world.


Because I love opening people’s eyes to their own abundant worthiness, wondrous inner world, truth, wisdom and courage.


Because I am passionate about creating new compassionate leaders that are ready to change this world by loving themselves, embracing their gifts and following their purposes.


Because I am a Healer who is dedicated first and foremost to my own Healing path. And I know through experience that Healers need other Healers to master their own healing cycles.


And because I transformed my own life by awakening my true worth and embracing my healing path. I know the power that each of us holds when we learn to trust ourselves.


I Am Dedicated to:


Being a clear and open channel of wisdom, truth and compassion, and holding us all in love to our highest selves.


Being fully embodied in the present moment of my life, witnessing beauty, experiencing love, seeking Oneness, and being witnessed and seen in my truth. I am dedicated to my continual expansion and evolution.

Charlotte Eléa
Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

How I Work


I channel your soul and highest self. I am gifted with the ability to see and know what is hidden that desires to be known, integrated and brought into healing. I am gifted with the ability of delivering messages about your purpose, your essence and your gifts.


I am an Alchemizer: I hold transformative spaces of realization, inward opening, acceptance, clarity, and release. When the heart opens and sends forth its wisdom. And that truth may be accepted.


I create safe spaces, where people feel held in their vulnerability and supported to authentically express themselves.


I encourage and uncover opportunities for courage: acts of rebellion against long-held beliefs, internal and external limitations and fear that instantly sets a person free.


I honor total authenticity and self-acceptance, as complicated as it may be.


I serve witness to healing, and hold a safe space for all emotions to be released, and mourning and grief to be felt through.


My Methods


Truth: An inner authentic knowing that comes from a place of love is my home base and gravitational sphere.


Symbols: I use symbols, including the Tarot, archetypes, numbers and animals, anything visual and alive, to elicit my own and others inner worlds and connections to spirit.


Ritual: I hold rich sacred space to connect deeply with one’s Soul, Highest Self, the Earth, and spiritual guides. I believe in regular spiritual practice to enhance and nurture spiritual connections.


Circle: I bring women together into safe, healing spaces to witness and be witnessed. I know the transformative power of this simple yet courageous practice of being fully seen by others.


Paradox: Acknowledging and accepting  two or more beliefs, feelings, or truths that stand in contradiction to each other splits internal paradigms wide open, so something completely knew can be birthed.


The Liminal: I value the in-between space or void, which is where change and transformation occurs. Declaring, “I don’t know” may be the most powerful declaration ever.


Potential: I see the potential in others and myself, and see the possibilities that are opening before someone, allowing this presence in itself to be transformative.


The Shadow: I embrace all the aspects of the self, and know that for change to occur, we must uncover, make conscious, accept and learn to love the parts of ourselves we dislike and keep in the dark.


Dreams: I work with dreams as direct communication between our outer and inner worlds, and use them as a canvas to call forth shadows, truths, beliefs and emotions that want to be integrated.


Imagination: I create landscapes within. The limitless, infinite potential of the imagination is to know, visit and create new worlds and realities. I live for the power of the imagination to create change.


Synchronicity: I see the connections woven between all things. Everything is experienced for a reason. I draw attention to the uncanny connections that make themselves known and allow them to be signs, pointers and guide posts for the journey.


Intention: I allow the heart’s desire to come out of hiding and declare it to be so, allowing this to be the fuel and fire that propels the journey forward.


Surrender: I practice and teach letting go and non-attachment in receiving. We hand over our intentions and desires to our intuition and trust that it will always bring us towards what we need.