Hi, I’m Charlotte Eléa, and I am a Worthiness Coach and Breakthrough Transformation Guide. I help compassionate, smart and unique people, like you who may not feel like you fit in, build their sense of worthiness, get to know who they really are, and unleash their light and true brilliance.


I do this by showing you how to listen to your inner wisdom, break through the lies of unworthiness, transform deep wounds of invisibility and abandonment into trust and love, and embrace your strength and courage.


I am the leader of an awe-inspiring, supportive, and ever-growing community of women and men dedicated to inner expansion, knowing our true worth, rejecting the status quo of what we were taught about who we should be, and embracing our unique, remarkable selves. The world needs us now!

Why do I do what I do?


Because I know we each hold a unique set of gifts and form of light that is important to the world.


Because I love opening people’s eyes to their own abundant worthiness, wondrous inner world, wisdom and courage.


Because I am passionate about creating new compassionate leaders that are ready to change this world by loving themselves, embracing their gifts and following their purposes.


And because I transformed my own life by awakening my true worthiness, and I know the power that each of us holds within us when we learn to trust and value ourselves.


I believed for a long time that I would never fit in. For years I searched for answers outside myself and someone else that would show me the way and tell me I was worthy. But I ended up miserable in the process. Because I didn’t trust myself and see myself as worthy of the life I desired, I ended up feeling cold, spiritually depleted and completely disconnected from the real me.


I had to unlearn everything I had assumed about myself in order to discover who I really was. And once I began listening—really listening—I received the love, acceptance and guidance I needed from within myself. (More on my personal story below.)


I Am Dedicated to:


Being a clear and open channel of wisdom, truth and compassion for my clients and community, and holding us all in our full experiences, most loving presences and highest selves.


Being fully embodied in the present moment of my life, witnessing beauty, experiencing love, seeking out Oneness, receiving from others, and being witnessed and seen in my truth. I am dedicated to my continual inner growth, expansion and evolution.

Charlotte Eléa
Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

Why You Can Trust Me


I am trained as a depth-oriented psychotherapist and have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.


I have been practicing the use of all my coaching and transformation methods on myself and others for fifteen years.


I have learned to thrive through change that has turned my life upside down.


I have had many dark nights of the soul and learned to love my shadows and the parts of me that say I am unworthy. I know how to break through it.


I walk the walk and talk the talk: I practice all the principles and techniques I teach on a daily basis (that’s how I came up with them).


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How I Work


I allow moments of realization, inward opening, softening, acceptance, clarity, and release. When the heart opens and sends forth what is true in the moment. And that truth is accepted.


I create safe spaces, where people feel held in their vulnerability and supported to authentically express themselves.


I encourage and uncover opportunities for courage: acts of rebellion against long-held beliefs, internal and external limitations and fear that instantly sets a person free.


I honor total authenticity and self-acceptance, as complicated as it may be.


I serve witness to other people’s healing, and hold a safe space for mourning and grief to be felt through.


My Methods


Truth: An inner authentic knowing that comes from a place of love is my home base and gravitational sphere.


Symbols: I use symbols, including the Tarot, archetypes, numbers and animals, anything visual and alive, to elicit my own and others inner worlds and connections to spirit.


Paradox: Acknowledging and accepting  two or more beliefs, feelings, or truths that stand in contradiction to each other splits internal paradigms wide open, so something completely knew can be birthed.


The Liminal: I value the in-between space, which is where change and transformation occurs. Declaring, “I don’t know” may be the most powerful declaration ever.


Potential: I see the potential in others and myself, and see the possibilities that are opening before someone, allowing this presence in itself to be transformative.


The Shadow: I embrace all the aspects of the self, and know that for change to occur, we must uncover, make conscious, accept and learn to love the parts of ourselves we dislike and keep in the dark.


Dreams: I work with dreams as direct communication between our outer and inner worlds, and use them as a canvas to call forth shadows, truths, beliefs and emotions that want to be integrated.


Imagination: I create landscapes within. The limitless, infinite potential of the imagination is to know, visit and create new worlds and realities. I live for the power of the imagination to create change.


Synchronicity: I see the connections woven between all things. Everything is experienced for a reason. I draw attention to the uncanny connections that make themselves known and allow them to be signs, pointers and guide posts for the journey.


Intention: I allow the heart’s desire to come out of hiding and declare it to be so, allowing this to be the fuel and fire that propels the journey forward.


Surrender: I practice and teach letting go and non-attachment in receiving. We hand over our intentions and desires to our intuition and trust that it will always bring us towards what we need.

My Story


When I was a child, I felt everything everyone else was feeling. My mom, my dad, my sisters, classmates, strangers on the street. I felt the inherent connection of all beings and the infinite expanse of the universe through wild, out of body experiences.


These intuitive channels were connecting me to a universal source of wisdom, love and compassion. But I didn’t know it then. In fact, little nine year old me was overwhelmed, afraid, and emotionally distraught. I couldn’t contain it all. And didn’t understand what was happening—I thought there was something wrong with me.


And so, for many years I felt out of place, lost in how to activate these gifts. I soaked up others’ emotions and brought them to the surface, and became easily confused between what belonged to me what to someone else. I dedicated my energy towards making other people feel better, so I would feel better, too. I believed I needed to prove myself worthy by helping other people.


I trained as a psychotherapist, believing this was my path as an emotional healer. I immensely enjoyed my studies! Here I learned about the wisdom of the unconscious, the shadow, and the power of dreams to be the messenger of our deepest desires, fears and wisdom. But as I put theory into practice I ended up overwhelmed by feelings of unworthiness and shame. I burned myself out in just three years.


Disheartened, I wandered down other paths that were not my own, searching for someone who would tell me my worth, guide me and show me the way. I turned my back on the “helping” career and ended up in marketing. But this left me feeling cold, detached from myself and spiritually depleted.


I realized that all along my career, for over ten years, I had been pretending to be someone I was not, and readily and easily became the person I believed the other person wanted me to be. I didn’t believe I was worthy of being the real me.
So, who was I really? I would need to unlearn who I believed myself to be in order to discover who I really was.


  • I unlearned that my sensitivity was a burden.
  • I unlearned that I was responsible for other people’s feelings.
  • I unlearned that others knew more about me than I did.
  • I unlearned that my unhappiness was my fault.


I had to learn to listen—really listen—to myself. I had to trust my own inner guidance. I knew then that I was being called to create my own unique path and carve my own peg. There was no blueprint created for me. There was no one way for me to prove my worthiness–I had to believe it for myself.


I began to deepen into my purpose through opening channels for intuitive self-discovery. Along the way I also learned that to transform my own life, I needed to create intentions that stuck and manifested change, love and embrace myself fully, including my shadows, hold sacred my inner child, learn how to ask the right questions, trust and surrender to the unknown, and be open to any answer, any possibility.


As soon as I embraced this new path, I began connecting with people all over the world who were searching for a similar revelation: they were facing big changes and opportunities in their lives, but they were too scared to embrace them, and not trusting in their own courage and worthiness. They, too, were searching for validation and answers outside of themselves.


I began offering guidance to them through the coaching techniques I had learned, and in my own methods of intuitive insight and discovery. As I did, I realized that the best ways for me to empower my clients to discover their true worth was to provide them with the tools and create safe, sacred containers where the truth is free to break through.


Together, my clients and I embrace the truth, dive into the discovery process, listen and feel deeply, and activate  inner expansion with our souls leading the way.