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Truth Transmission: A Beautiful Finale of Inner Awakening

Weekly Truth Transmission by Dream Intuition

Truth Transmission: A Beautiful Finale of Inner Awakening

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For this week of Sept 4-10, 2017: The Empress, the World and Moth bring us into a beautiful finale of inner awakening. Sit tight, because things are going to begin revolving. I love the interplay between these three wildly different yet powerful, feminine energies this week! All the internal discord is about to transform into harmony.


Can you feel the slow but steady movement, not going forward but actually circling, slowly turning you upside down?


The Empress invites us to continue the path of acceptance, and to find joy, comfort and beauty in our circumstances, no matter what they are! She is the mom inside us, opening up her arms, or spreading out her leaves and branches, and inviting us in for a long, steady, loving embrace. We accept this embrace whole-heartedly!


In this centered and held position, we don’t need to adjust our life jackets or prepare in any way for change, as it is happening already. World tells us that this warm, inner embrace is bringing us to conclusion around a particularly challenging moment. The hard part is over. And in a moment we will be ready to open our eyes once again and view our circumstances from a completely different perspective. We’ll be ready to move on.


Moth is the dark feminine transmuting through us this week. Just as the butterfly reveals an outer transformation of a rather visible and showy nature, the transformation that the moth reveals is in no way inferior, but is a lot less obvious to others. You’ll know though. That thing that hid in the dark won’t scare you anymore. It is when you are tested and when you visit your dark side that you’ll really feel it. You’ll realize you are free.


And with this new found freedom, a new adventure begins!


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Cards featured in image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck.