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You’re smart. You’re a giving and compassionate person.


“So,” you may be wondering, “How did I get here??”


Where everything feels wobbly and uncertain, where changes have been hoisted upon you, and where what used to work just doesn’t.


I know the experience well. You don’t know what you should be doing to help yourself, and you’ve lost trust in yourself to find it.


Maybe you are doubting every thought, movement and emotion. You’re afraid that everything that’s gone wrong in your life recently is your fault. And you’re afraid of making it even worse. You may not even know who you are anymore.


I know because I have been there, too.

Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I am an Intuitive Guide and Breakthrough and Transformation Coach. I once felt as lost as you do. And then, I got a wake up call from the universe, and my life radically changed for the better. Because I allowed my intuition to guide me towards who I really am, and what my real purpose is.


What you’re experiencing is a wake up call, too. And I’m here to tell you that there is a way through it! You are not messing up your life. In fact, the opposite is true: All of this is happening for a reason.

Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

Even though it may feel confusing, harsh or like life is wringing you out like a wet blanket, so much can come of this moment.


You have an opportunity now to transform your life, too. In this FREE video series, I will walk you through the 3 power steps that will get you there:


Step 1: Uncover Your True Purpose


Step 2: Awaken Your Intuition


Step 3: Discover Who You Really Are

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What you’ll learn throughout these 3 videos


1. Why you haven’t yet receiving the guidance you need.


2. How to immediately transform your fear and discover what you really want.


3. How to receive messages and wisdom from your intuition.


4. What your soul’s purpose is RIGHT NOW.


5. How to begin the journey of transformation that will guide you to a life of purpose, passion and belonging.


6. What it really means to know who you are, and how to discover it.

You will be amazed at how quickly your energy will shift after you watch just one of these videos! Your life will immediately feel exciting again, and you’ll be empowered to take the next steps towards living a life you really want.

Step 1: Uncover Your Purpose


Purpose gives you a feeling that you belong, and it gives your life meaning. Your purpose connects to the essence of who you are and your spiritual journey. And it is not nearly as complicated as you think!


In the first video, you’ll complete a real-time exercise that will uncover what your true purpose is right now. After completing it, you’ll walk away with knowing how to direct your energy towards calling in positive, meaningful changes in your life.


Step 2: Awaken Your Intuition


Activating your intuition is one of the first steps towards making sense of the changes you are facing and bringing about real, positive shifts in your life. I’ll show you how to do it in a few steps and a simple, real-time exercise.


Everyone has the capacity to listen to their intuition. In fact, your intuition is already speaking to you—even if you can’t hear it. You just need to learn how to access it. By the end of video 2 you’ll be connecting with your intuition like never before!


Step 3: Discover Who Your Are


You are an ever-evolving divine human being with a radiant soul! In this last video in this series, I’ll show you how to tap into the essence of where you are right now on your spiritual path. And how this reveals your true essence.


As I take you on a journey, and walk you through the 12 stages of transformation, you’ll be able to identify where you stand, and you’ll know how to begin your own sacred journey.

I’ve got no hidden agenda. I want you to experience the powerful shifts that will occur in your life when you begin to use these simple tools that have transformed my own life.


I know you’re probably used to free courses and webinars that give 20% information and 80% selling… that’s the norm these days, and I have no interest in repeating that tired trend.


At the end of the video series, I will share an opportunity to go one step further with me, which is another free offer. But I won’t take up valuable space in the series with this! And I only offer it in case you are motivated and compelled by what you have already learned and discovered.


If you are ready to allow your intuition to guide you forward, towards a life that you desire and is truly your own, sign up now to take the first step towards real change.


What are you waiting for?? If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page, you are definitely ready!

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