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Where will 2018 lead you on your life’s path?


What opportunities are opening, what new challenges will you face, what new lessons are you to learn,

and what gifts are in store?


Seasonal, Career, Relationship and Spiritual Guidance for your 2018 Journey is Waiting For You…

New Year Tarot Reading 2017

Peering down from the top of your 2018 Forecast, like a Hawk in the sky, will be your Guide for your new Life Stage, providing clear wisdom and a lay of the land of the year before you. There is a purpose to every month, week and day, your guide will tell you, But only if you choose to embrace it.


Then, your Yearly Focuses will be fleshed out, including: What you are carrying over from 2017, what themes and opportunities will regularly play out, what will be your primary challenge,

and what gifts are already open and available to you.


The next eight cards will provide Elemental Focuses: Relationships, Career, Finances/Health and Spirituality. And Seasonal Developments, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, so that you may see how all of the themes of your year develop

and play out throughout the year.


Anchoring your reading will be an understanding of Where 2018 Takes You. This is your big WHY, and what will provide you with a sense of purpose. Although the wisdom of this card may not be fully revealed all at once (as the year has much to show and teach you!),your anchor reveals that when you remain in alignment

with your spiritual path, a great potential awaits!

“Charlotte’s 2017 reading has quite literally been a lighthouse for me throughout this past year. Charlotte is a talented intuitive guide. She interacts with her tarot cards as though she were conversing with old and trusted friends.


When the messages came through, she delivered the information in a language that spoke directly to my heart. She offers the gentlest of guidance and sees all of her readings as an opportunity to empower her clients to do their own self-discovery and their own self-healing.


I have referred to my reading numerous times and each time have taken away a slightly different piece of the puzzle. Whenever I interact with Charlotte and her work, I feel both seen and carried in a wholly loving and accepting way.


Charlotte has done extensive personal work with her own inner child. Anyone who is looking for a way to connect or reconnect with their inner child and go into their own healing work should call upon Charlotte for assistance. She is truly a gift. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.”


Kristi Moore

Hello! My name is Charlotte Eléa, and I am an Intuitive Guide and Personal Transformation Coach. My passion is to help smart, compassionate people navigate and embrace change, learn to trust themselves and listen to their intuition. I have a background in depth psychology and been reading/using Tarot in my work for over fifteen years.


If you would like to be connected to your true essence, if you are facing a wake up call, or if you’d like to call positive change into your life, I’ll help you heed this moment! So that you can embrace it, and be empowered to live a full life with purpose and passion.


You may learn more about me and my story here.

Charlotte Eléa, Day of the Dead Transmission

More Details and Answers to Your Questions

What can I expect in my 2018 Forecast?

Your 2018 Forecast will be delivered to you in a lovely PDF document including a beautiful photo of your spread, in-depth intuitive readings and explanation on the 14 cards pulled for you, a minimum of nine pages, and at least 3000 words of content. I will also include your answers to a questionnaire I will have you fill out before I sit for your forecast.


The content of your forecast will be full, rich and complex, and the wisdom it contains will unfold and play out over time. I recommend you read through it completely when you receive it–there will no doubt be components that feel affirmative and comforting, as well as other components that are surprising and challenging. And then, I recommend you come back to your forecast often, throughout all twelve months of the year. Each time you do, you will receive something new!

When can I expect to receive my forecast?

Forecasts purchased by the early bird deadline of November 18 will be delivered by December 24.


Forecasts purchased after November 18 will be delivered by January 20, but likely much sooner. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will schedule and confirm the date with you.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll immediately receive a confirmation of your order from my online system.


I will respond personally very soon (within 24 hours on business days), and will send you a questionnaire for you to complete.

Who are these forecasts for?

Your 2018 forecast is an intuitive reading of the major personal themes and spiritual developments that will be an intimate part of your life in the coming year. The purpose of these insights is to help you grow!


If you would like to begin living more intuitively–that is, be guided by inner wisdom, connected to purpose, more confident in taking action and making decisions, more trusting and surrendered during challenging times, then you will highly benefit from this forecast.


If you believe that you hold deep within you the wisdom you need to be guided through challenging or changing times, or even if you WANT to believe, you will also love your forecast. Throughout the year, your relationship with this sacred wise part of you will nurture and grow, help you heal and overcome challenges, and fill you with self-love.

I designed this annual forecast as a rich offering that is more of a Spiritual Companion than a Reading, that will help bring you into alignment with your highest intentions, that you can use as a map and guide throughout the year, and that will help you gain a deep understanding of your path and how you are spiritually, emotionally and intellectually evolving.


I have been filled with so much gratitude as I watched the wisdom provided in the guides I created in 2017 come to life in my client’s lives with divine timing. And seen how my insights have helped them take chances that led to profound healing, deep love, renewed trust and self-confidence, and major career growth.

Leisse Wilcox
“My 2017 forecast was a touchstone for me, and safe harbor throughout a stormy year.  I felt somewhere between lost and out of control when I signed up; everything in my life I knew was turned upside down after a major life transition, and I needed some kind of an anchor to tether me to the earth, and to keep me focused on moving forward.


Everything Charlotte said resonated as if were speaking directly to me, and I felt safe and comfortable. I’ve checked in with the reading throughout the year and it’s been amazingly accurate in terms of the growth work, confronting, addressing and processing old and hidden wounds, and moving forward with grace. I was conscious not to use my reading as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and rather looked back on it regularly as a check-in. Things that really had no resonance or meaning for me in January, suddenly came to light as incredible personal aha! moments over the course of the year.


I used my forecast primarily as a way to reflect upon where I was along my own path and healing work, which was exactly was I needed. Truthfully, it almost felt like the final permission I needed to trust my own faith, judgment, and spirituality. Anyone who is looking to make sense of it all would really benefit from having this spiritual companion at their side.”


Leisse Wilcox
Instagram: @leissewilcox

I like to take my time with each personal 2018 forecast I deliver, so that the wisdom I channel for you is clear, goes deep, and feels relevant to what you have been going through.


I do this by creating a rich, sacred space, dropping into my heart center, and offering myself as a portal of wisdom for your guides and highest self.


In order to carve out enough sacred space for each personal forecast, I am only offering a total of 20 this year.

Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

The Deadline to Purchase a 2018 Personal Forecast has expired.

See you next year for 2019 forecasts!

Here’s more on what people gained from their personal forecasts last year:

“I had received previous readings from Charlotte and they were so spot on, clear and kind. So when it came time to get a New Year forecast, I jumped at the chance. Charlotte touched on themes and influences per season that have been in exact alignment. She painted it as a year of building, finishing and preparing to release creative projects and that is exactly what has happened. My forecast validated the path I was taking.


At the beginning of each season, I would re-read it and see what the themes would be so that I would feel better about making decisions based on the energies I would be working with. At the end of the season I would go over it again to see how any of those influences played into what had happened to gain deeper understanding. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a more in depth reflection of their year to come.”


Ndidi O
“I’d worked with Charlotte in person throughout the year and really meshed with her intuitive method of reading the cards. The major themes she presented have been an overt part of my journey all year. Having this as a reminder helped me to let go and surrender, rather than hold on tight, and proved to make it easier to cope and digest when I hit issues I did not want to deal with.


There was a specific issue I was dealing with, which I had referred to as a family karma. Charlotte re-phrased this as a “family legacy” and that in and of itself helped to immediately shift my perspective on the matter—a huge place of growth and acceptance this year.


The most affirming portion of the reading was Charlotte’s interpretation of my Spiritual Growth. My spirituality has always been strong, yet took some leaps through 2017. I took wider steps this year than in the last several years, by being able trust where I was going.


I would recommend this to those who are willing to go deeper. There is a lot of information in Charlotte’s reading and in order to be able to experience the most growth and “realness” of it, you must be able to read and weigh without putting up internal defenses.”


Tamera Hanna
Instagram: @comelightofday
I needed some guidance this year as the one before was full of changes and I felt like I was floundering.  I had taken a short course by Charlotte, liked her encouraging approach and how she made everything accessible!  


Charlotte’s primary message, which immediately rang true, was that I need to learn to listen to and follow my instincts and trust in myself more. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. I regularly used the guide throughout the year.  In fact, I kept it with me, because there were times, especially those when I was in doubt or feeling lost when I would refer to it and feel more at peace and on the right path.  It was also a way for me to re-focus myself when I felt that I was veering off in a direction that was not in line with my goals. 


What has been coming into fruition from my forecast (and what a pleasant surprise it is!) is that I have been more creative in the work place and have been able to explore new ways to do my job and make it more “me.”  I have developed new programs and have not worried about what others have thought about what I am doing and just had fun with it.  This has lead to a huge increase in job satisfaction.


The bigger issue my guide helped me with this year has been my long distance relationship with my boyfriend: After almost two years of living 700 miles apart he just recently moved in with me.  This decision was not made overnight and I do not believe it would have ever been made if I had not listened to and truly worked on the relationship and trusted the challenges presented and laid out in my 2017 forecast.  But by doing so I was able to open myself up to taking this risk and fully committing myself to the relationship in a way I had not seen myself doing in the past.  


My forecast provided me with a way to frame the year, so that I had tangible goals to work towards in a way that touched on the essence of who I am and who I am to become. I would recommend this forecast to anyone who could benefit from having a guide to help them navigate the New Year and the challenges it will present.”


Jill A.
“2016 was a year of flux, uncertainty and major transformation for me. I wanted some guidance as to what 2017 would be like and I knew Charlotte to be intuitive and to use Tarot as a tool for healing and accessing deeper wisdom.


All of my forecast aligned with what was true for me. It was spot on, and I was surprised that it was more positive and supportive than I had expected. I was coming from a place of tremendous self-doubt and the reading gave me hope for new beginnings.


For me the reading was a tool in my kit for growth. At various times of the year, defined by the seasons, elements of the reading would come back to me and I would refer to it again as a gauge. It was a support manual, if you will, a way to observe and reflect on events or periods of my life.


The questions Charlotte posed cultivated growth and reflection on my own behaviors and/or beliefs and how these contributed to what was manifesting in my life. I strove to remain a neutral observer, so I could practice non-judgment as a means of accepting my role in my life circumstances. A method to heal patterns/behaviors that no longer serve me and to make steps to embrace the life I do want to create.


I would recommend this to anyone looking for deeper meaning and growth for the coming year.”


Sheryl S.