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Welcome to Your Breakthrough!


The biggest, most beautiful breakthrough that’ll crack you wide open and bring you right into the heart and soul of who you really are.


Hi, I’m Charlotte Eléa. I’m an Intuitive Guide for unique, soulful women who are ready to discover their essence and heal their core wounds.


I am a Mentor for fellow Healers who are transforming their deepest wounds into their most profound gifts.


And I am an Oracle: I channel your highest self to reveal your healing path and soul’s purpose. My gift is in seeing and knowing what you are ready to heal, and why your soul has chosen to live in your human body.


You are worthy. You matter. Allow me to help inspire the emergence of your healing path…

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What’s My Calling? Unlocking the Four Pillars of Wisdom Within Your Soul


Answering life’s big questions, like “What’s my purpose?” And “What difference can I make?” can feel rather intimidating and overwhelming sometimes. But they don’t have to be…


In this free class I’ll reveal a process of discovery that will excite and inspire you. You’ll learn:


1) Why understanding each of the 4 Pillars (Core Wound, Gift, Essence and Purpose) reveals your unique soul “footprint.”


2) What transformations begin to take place as you unlock these deep soul truths, with real life examples.


3) How to unlock your Soul’s Calling through the 4 Pillars using intuition and sacred geometry.


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I offer tools and pathways that inspire you to heal yourself and awaken your healing gifts.

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