Hi, I’m Charlotte. I am Worthiness Coach,

Transformation Guide and Paradigm Shifter.


I help compassionate, unique and soulful women get to know who they really are, and unleash their light and true brilliance. I do this by showing you how to listen to your inner wisdom, break through the lies of unworthiness, heal and transform deep wounds and fractures within, and embrace love, truth and courage.


You are worthy. You matter. What you contribute to the world is important. Your presence is a gift.


Allow me to help you know how truly remarkable you are.


I’m on a Mission to help women break free from old patterns of hierarchical relating, and shift into WE-Consciousness by creating new transformative Power-With relationships.

Tune into the messages your soul desires for you to know RIGHT NOW.



BREAKTHROUGH with Charlotte Eléa

How to Get Out of the Comparison Game

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