Welcome to Your Breakthrough!


The biggest, most beautiful breakthroughs that’ll bust through the lies of unworthiness you tell yourself, and bring you right into the heart and soul of who you really are.


Hi, I’m Charlotte Eléa. I’m a Guide and Mentor for unique, soulful women who are ready to unleash their light, their gifts, and true brilliance. Together, I help you listen to your inner wisdom and intuition, heal and transform deep wounds and fractures within, and embrace your truth.


You are worthy. You matter. What you contribute to the world is important.


Allow me to help you know how truly remarkable you are.

Tune into the messages your soul desires for you to know RIGHT NOW.



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The Worthiness Project by Charlotte Eléa

A community space and personal journey to release the lies of unworthiness you tell yourself, and reclaim the real worthy you!

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